Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Summer Solstice 2016!

11" x 14" Oil on Panel
Went out painting today, the first day of summer. The picture at the beginning of this post, however, was painted last Saturday. It'll be a few days before I post the Summer Solstice painting. In the mean time, here's a couple-days-before-solstice painting.

This was my second attempt at this painting. I had gone to this spot last Thursday to paint. The work was coming along fine on that day until I turned and stepped away from the painting to get something out of the car. That's when a gust of wind seized the easel and shoved easel, palette and painting face down into the dirt and weeds. The painting was completely ruined, and it was too late in the day to start over. There was nothing to do but clean up the mess, salvage the panel, and vow to return.

I should have known better. Zephyrs sometimes turn mean. I've dealt with them before, but it seems I occasionally need to re-learn that lesson.

Saturday I returned to the same spot. It was easy to find - there's paint all over the place. This time the day went well; the painting was completed and safely made it home.

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