Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Day Before Equinox

7" x 5" Oil on Panel
The last full day of winter I went out looking for something wild and green to paint. After climbing a few hundred feet up a mountainside I came across this cliffrose. Not terribly green, but it's wonderful gesture snagged my attention. It looks like a dancing tree that was frozen in mid-twirl.

My Setup for the Day
The hike up to that spot was a little steep, but the little 5" x 7" pochade box can go anywhere. Just a hundred yards or so up the slope from me a single mule deer browsed on thin mountain grasses as I painted.

The View Across the Valley from the Day's Painting Spot.
It was a great day to be out painting! 

I've recently finished a couple more projects - new pieces of plein air painting equipment - that I'll be posting about in a few days, so stay tuned!


Todd Derr said...

Very nice. Been following your blog for a while, James, and figured it was about time I left you a comment.
I look forward to your upcoming post on new equipment.
Thanks for keeping at it.

James Gunter said...

Todd, thanks for your comment and for following this blog! Glad you like it. I plan on putting up the promised post in a week or two. Not sure exactly when, though.