Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Charcoal Portrait Sketch Demonstration

For today's post it's back to the weekly drawing sessions. These are in-process photos of a charcoal drawing from a live model I sketched at one of the sessions a few weeks ago. It was done in a 12" x 9" sketchbook. Here's the initial sketch-in:

After indicating a few more darks, the entire sketch was rubbed with a paper towel to soften lines and give an uneven gray tone to the drawing which I like to work into. The paper towel came from the paper towel dispenser in the men's room. It's been used on a lot of charcoal drawings so it's full of charcoal dust which helps give that gray tone. Who says art supplies have to be expensive? Just be sure you get your paper towel from the appropriate restroom.

Here's how it looked at the end of the first twenty minutes:

During the break we walk around looking at each others work or sit and eat homemade jalapeƱo jelly on crackers and yak. After break I work up some of the darks and correct some drawing problems, especially in the lower face.

Continuing to work up the darks and beginning to put in some of the light tones:

Doesn't look too happy, huh? That will change. Wrapping up this evening's drawing session, I corrected the eyes, deepened the darks and brought everything together, I hope. This sketch took about two and a half hours. I forget how many breaks we took, but you can do the math if you'd like. Here's the finished sketch:

Sorry I forgot to get a photo of the model. She really was gorgeous - JUST KIDDING! He really was an older gentleman in a baseball cap! That was a joke!

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billspaintingmn said...

James! Nice demo! I like the loose comfortable look.
If I drew a woman, should I get a paper towel from the ladies room? (ha)
Good creative use of materials, and drawing procedure!

James Gunter said...

Bill, Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Hope things go well for you - especially if you stay outta the ladies room!