Thursday, December 8, 2016

One Early December Day

10" x 8" Oil on Panel
Here's a little landscape that was painted last week. It's of a grey, moody day near the lake west of town. Colors used were cadmium yellow, cadmium red, anthraquinone red (in place of alizarin crimson), ultramarine blue, and titanium white. Anthraquinone and ultramarine were mixed together with a touch of yellow to make the darks used in the painting.

I'm not quite used to the colder weather yet and didn't dress warmly enough for the day. I thought I was warm enough when I started out, but as it got later my fingers became cold and stiff. Then the rest of me started getting colder. By the time the painting was finished my hands were too cold to sign it. The signature had to wait until I got back home and warmed up.

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