Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wild Red Raspberries

One of these days I may do an in-depth post about spending time outdoors. And not just outdoors, but in the wild. I don't get out to hike as often as I used to, or like to. So many things clamor for my time these days. But spending time in the wild has so many benefits. Some of those benefits run deep and can be gained no other way. Until that post, here's a short post about one of the little joys of going out into the wild.

Yesterday I took time (wish I didn't feel like I was "taking" something) for a hike in the Wasatch Mountains. Halfway up a canyon a bunch of wild red raspberry bushes grow right by the trail. The raspberries are just reaching the peak of ripeness now. I wondered how many people walk past these little gifts of nature without noticing them. 

Pausing on my hike, I gratefully enjoyed a few handfuls of ripe raspberries, being careful not to take too many. Whether nature is being thoughtful or not in providing these gifts, I'm encouraged to leave plenty for others to enjoy. I won't say just where I found the raspberries. Part of the fun and excitement of exploring the wild is discovering these kinds of things for yourself.

A little cautionary advice: take time to thoroughly research wild edibles beforehand. Make sure what you're eating really are raspberries (or whatever) and are safe to eat. Some things out there aren't. Don't poison yourself!

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