Friday, April 10, 2015

Graphite Pencil Sketches

12" x 9" Graphite Pencil on Paper
Normally charcoal is my medium of choice when making monochromatic sketches from live models. This week, however, a graphite pencil in my sketch box seemed to be demanding my attention. Graphite is an interesting medium. Dry, yet slippery; dark, yet reflective - graphite's darks are not as deep as charcoal's, but it's silvery smoothness brings certain qualities to sketching and drawing that other mediums don't naturally bring.

12" x 9" Graphite Pencil on Paper
There's another reason for hopping from one medium to another. The techniques are different (at least how I use them). With charcoal I work from a middle tone to build both dark and light tones. Graphite pencil works are - for me - strictly light to dark. I start with white paper and build up darks bit by bit. After using one technique for so long, I risk taking certain methods for granted and losing focus. Having to build a drawing using a different method helps me to refocus on the structure of the drawing.

Besides, graphite drawings are cool.

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