Friday, August 29, 2014

Plein Air Spring City 2014

11" x 14" Oil on Panel
Here's a quick post about this year's Spring City plein air event, which is now in full swing. Painting for the competition began Wednesday. The painting I did on that rainy day is shown above. Below is a photo of the painting I made yesterday. It's the first time I've painted that large for a plein air event. We'll see how that goes!

18" x 24" Oil on Canvas Panel
I may have time to do one more painting today. Paintings for the main competition have to be turned in early this evening. Tomorrow is the main show and "quick paint." These paintings look far better in person, so come see the show! For more information about Spring City's art events visit their website


David King said...

Great paintings James. I'd make a run down there for the show but have other plans. I hope you win awards and make sales!

James Gunter said...

Thanks, David. Sorry you couldn't make it. I did win a couple awards and make a couple sales!