Saturday, February 8, 2014

A January Landscape

14" x 20" Oil on Panel
January isn't my favorite month. February still brings winter storms, but the month begins to show a warming trend and a promise of relief from winter's tightest grip. It doesn't matter to me what Punxsutawney Phil and his top-hatted cronies predict, February is the downhill side of winter and is always welcome in my "Book of Months."

Bald Eagle by the Provo River - photo by J.G.
Still, there can be much to enjoy about the middle of winter. On days when the dreary gray takes a temporary leave of absence and sunshine reaches the valley floor - those days can be glorious indeed! That's when the brilliant azure dome of sky arches over a crystal landscape, and snow refracts diamond-like the slanting rays of la lumière du soleil.

Ice Ridge on Utah Lake - Photo by J.G.
Those are days I want to be out painting winter's finery en plein aire, no matter how deep the snow or cold the air. Sunshine makes all the difference. The painting starting off this post was painted mid-January on just such a day.

That painting, "A Winter Walk", will be part of a group show later this month (February) at Evergreen Gallery in Salt Lake City.

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