Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Time to VOTE!

No, I'm not talking about those guys. I mean for People's Choice Award at Terra Nova Gallery for their 5th annual Plein Air Provo competition. 

Gallery owner David Hawkinson has arranged for the voting to be carried out on line. Anyone can vote. Just go to http://terranovagallery.wordpress.com/ and follow directions. Scroll down to see photos of all the paintings in the show. Make your selection and click in the little circle just to the left of the painting's title and artist. Then scroll down to the bottom of the column that shows the paintings and click on the "Vote" button. It's that easy! Voting is open NOW and closes October 26th at Noon (note time change).

You can vote just from the images on line, but it's really recommended that you come into Terra Nova Gallery and see the exhibit. It's one of the best Plein Air Provo shows ever! I only entered one painting but it split Second Place with Robert McKay's painting "Sentinel." Terra Nova is located at 41 West, 300 North in Provo, Utah. Check their website for hours or call 801-374-0016.

It can be difficult to decide how to cast your vote, but perhaps I can make the decision easier for you with a little bit of (shameless) advice: Vote for ME! There, now wasn't that a nice break from those two guys who are all over the news channels these days?

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