Sunday, September 2, 2012

One More from Spring City 2012

Stormy Sky over Hayfields, 9" x 12" Oil on Canvas Panel
Here's another painting I did during the Spring City plein air event. I looked at this spot a couple times before deciding to paint it. Driving up to paint this scene, I saw a deer gazing out from between the trees. Too bad Bambi didn't hang around long enough to be painted! 

The stormy weather intensified during the late afternoon. As one particularly strong storm bore down on me, I tossed the painting gear into the car and took shelter there myself to wait out the storm. After the lightning and thunder had passed and the downpour lessened to a drizzle, I set up again under the hatchback of my SUV and finished painting. 

Returning home later that evening I had to drive through a flash flood area near Fountain Green. Police were there directing traffic as heavy equipment worked to build up banks and clear channels in an attempt to redirect the floodwaters. My 4Runner got through the flood zone just fine, but now it's covered with mud. Of course for me that's nothing new!

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