Friday, August 17, 2012

The Sevier River

18" x 24" Oil on Canvas Panel
This painting is of a place I wrote about here. On the left side of the painting are the red bluffs I wrote about in that post. The painting was done over a year ago, in spring or early summer when the West Desert's plants were still relatively green.

The wind was strong and gusting the day I arrived there to paint - wind typical of such open country. Early in the setup a moment's inattention allowed a gust to topple my gear, spilling paint and solvent all over everything, including the canvas panels in their holders. An attempt to catch the easel and keep everything upright was lost in a tug of war to the stronger wind.

I was upset and about ready to quit the day's painting trip! But calmer thoughts countered my gusty temper. There was still plenty of time. Some of that time was used to clean up everything as best I could. There was another can of paint solvent in the leather paint bag. The easel was turned so that the large sail-like canvas panel was edge on to the wind instead of flat to it. There were ways to brace the easel against the wind. Soon enough the painting was begun again.

Despite on-going battles with the wind the painting progressed. Then the moon arose, casting her reflection onto the river's surface. That was just one of the things that made me very glad I had stayed and tried again. The day's painting trip was well worth the wind's trouble.

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