Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Model Song

Charcoal and Chalk on Gray Paper
The drawing above is of a woman who used to model for the weekly drawing class a few years ago. She modeled a number of times as did her sister and brother. She was one of our best models. One evening the class's regular studio wasn't available so we used another studio, one with lighting different from our usual studio. With the light coming over my left shoulder, I took advantage of the unusual illumination to make the drawing shown above.

In the drawing sessions I tend to get caught up in rendering the subject and usually don't really know much about the models themselves. It was near the end of one of these sessions when someone, I think  one of her siblings, told me that this model could sing, and recommended I google her name to hear her singing. It took a while for me to get around to it but eventually I did. That's when I had one of those "I had no idea!" moments. She can sing.

See? I told you. He's not bad either. Dig the pink tie.

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