Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Pochade Box

Marsh Canal, 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel

Here's another of my pochade boxes. I built this one out of cherry:

This pochade box is different from the one I wrote about here. This box holds two 6" x 8" panels in a panel holder that can be detached and rotated 90 degrees to allow painting in a vertical format. The holder can be secured in the vertical position using a rubber band at the top.

The panel holder can also hold 6" x 6" and 4" x 6" panels, although I rarely paint that small. It also keeps wet paintings separated and protected for transport back to the studio. 

The palette is made out of clear Plexiglas, and lifts out of the box. It might be better to cover the back of the palette with an opaque neutral gray, but I don't care. A clear palette doesn't bother me. Like my other paint boxes, it can be closed without messing up paint left on the palette. Underneath the palette is the usual: Oil paints, short handled brushes, palette knives, medium cups (if ever I use them,) and a few other small items. The emphasis is on small. Except for the white, the paint tubes are 20 ml, instead of the more familiar 37 ml size. This box can also be attached to a camera tripod.

It can be challenging to fit something so large as a landscape onto a panel so small. I have to guard against making any paintings that look like they might belong in a doll house. Such small paintings, though, have their place when done right. They are well suited for more intimate views of the landscape. Small paintings also have qualities all their own. There is almost a gem-like quality to them. They are simply neat things.

Some pictures will only fit on larger canvases. But for what they are best at, small paintings are enjoyable on their own level and in their own right.

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